what i woke up to.

look at my window! keep in mind that i am on the second floor of a rowhouse… it’s crazy out there! i have an official snow day today, which is such a treat. i woke up at 10, french pressed some coffee – for some reason i always drink my coffee black when i’m at home, probably because it doesn’t taste like gutter water – and logged onto my work computer. had to get a few things done, but hey! at least i’m in my pjs.


i “brunched” around 11 with some yoatgurt, idea courtesy of snackface herself. halfacuppa oats, water, frozen wild blueberries, halfacuppa plain fat free yogurt, and a gennnnerous scoop of peanut butter. held me over really well, but i munched mindlessly on some wheat thins. workin on it, workin on it.

while painting my toes and my nails – side note, they are all nails, why do we say nails and toes? anyone else think that’s weird? no? just me? alright. – this was cooking in the oven:


had half and shared the rest with boy roommates #1 and #2. this was surprisingly good! the olives were a nice touch, and it’s whole grain. we are just cozying up, doing some work, watching yestereday’s biggest loser, putting mud masks on (teehee! i’m making them do it) until it’s time to get out of our pjs. is it ever, really?

i’m feeling less defeated today. a post will be coming soon that truly outlines my goals, and what the decisions i need to make for myself. i haven’t been completely truthful to myself, and duh, that doesn’t work.

until later, gators!


One response to “what i woke up to.

  1. Look forward to seeing your goals!

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