today, i feel like a failure.

my pants feel too tight. my eyes feel droopy, and so do i, for that matter.

i have GOT to snap myself out of whatever funk i am in. i wake up indifferent to the day, sit like a zombie at work, perfunctorily doing my job, and go home weary. but then! then. i get home and am greeted by my wonderful roommates, who no matter how weird i feel, never fail to make me laugh.

i know i am the only one holding myself back. i know i am responsible for my happiness. i know. only, knowing does not directly correlate to doing.

how do i give myself a kick in the butt? and how do i cut myself some slack? is it possible to do both at the same time? help.


One response to “failure.

  1. Try not to be so hard on yourself (easier said than done, and I’m the queen of this one). Whenever I make myself workout without really wanting to be there, it shows in my routine. I’ll be sluggish, bummish, and all around half-assed. And then I get upset because I figure I could have spent my time doing something else (i.e. sleeping) than have put in a half assed workout. So I guess, try to see the bigger picture. That and realize how fab you are!

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