the wrap up.

i think today makes a case for the monday blues. i woke up cozily and did not want to get out of bed… i was bummed i didn’t have a snow day like the rest of dc! oh, the things i could have done with no work today. i begrudgingly prettied myself for work and walked out the door to be met with a foot of snow (a lot of which lodged itself inside my boot, cold!) and a crazy man yelling and following me, telling me how “sexy” i was. normally, this kind of thing doesn’t bother me and i move on, but today, already in a foul mood, i just wanted to evaporate. definitely worsened my mood. i’m calm now, but sad for some reason that i can’t really identify.

the weekend was brilliant – full of the outdoors, roommates, ex-roommates and new friends. i’m so lucky to live with people whose company i enjoy all the time. it’s funny, really, because if i dissect my life, i have all the components of an extremely joyful existence. wonderful friends who want to spend time with me, interests that i actively participate in, a fulfilling job, a wonderful family (and a brother who just got engaged!)… but something inside me feels, i don’t know, off.

anyhoo, yesterday’s eats were all over the place, mainly because i ate breakfast (seared banana with peanut butter over a serving of high fiber cereal and a little skim milk) and then snacked the day away (tortilla chips, bites of rice, cheese). after a failed attempt at heading to a superbowl party (dear dc metro, you suck), i came home and ate some pasta with peas, carrots, lemon juice, herbs and smart balance. oh, and cheese. i am a carb and cheese monster.

while i made my superbowl dip in my pj’s,  i also prepped food for the week! a huuuge amount of quinoa, a block of tofu, and some homeade veggie burgers that you will see later this week! it feels good to have fresh, healthy options at my fingertips.

as part of “fit february,” i’ve broken down the weeks into goals, or quests. last week, i pledged to not eat refined sugar for the entire week…and i was largely successful. i caved this weekend with some brownies, but you know what? 2 brownies (one friday and one saturday) and a mug of hot cocoa aren’t going to kill me, and the goal of the quest was to be aware of my sugar consumption and work to reduce it. goal accomplished.

this week, i am pledging to keep my room clean on a regular basis (does wonders for me, mentally) and stay away from refined carbs. despite my blah feelings today, i know i can do it.

this was a very long winded post with no pics, sorry! just wanted needed to talk things out.


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