Today, I was whisked back to childhood when I had an early dismissal from work because of the snow! I giddily hopped out of my office after another crazy morning – I didn’t get to eat breakfast (the usual) until 11 – and went to the gym where I ran 3.5 miles in 34:07. It was really hard, but at least I shaved two minutes off of my run from earlier this week! Sometimes I feel like I hinder my progress when I run on the treadmill… I know I could run farther when not on the revolving wheel of death.

I scarfed down an apple while waiting for the bus in the snow. I went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for my Superbowl goodies. I kid you not, the ENTIRE city of DC was in this one store. The lines stretched all the way down the aisles! I picked up the bare necessities (yogurt, cottage cheese, pickles, oats) and booked it home because my insides were about to eat themselves. I ate some leftover massaged kale and roasted cauliflower while I was waiting on the main event… FETTUCINE ALFREDO. Well, kind of.

I heated up a Laughing Cow wedge, about 1/8 cup 4% cottage cheese, a sprinkle of parm, garlic powder and chili flake with tofu shirataki noodles and three meatless balls. This was calorically light, I’d say a bigger snack, but it was SO satisfying and creamy. Mmmm.

I love the way I feel when I have the whole weekend ahead of me. I’m heading to dinner and a hockey game with a friend tonight. Gonna sleep in and wake up to a winter wonderland!

Do you remember how excited we used to get when there was a snow day? It was pure heaven.

Until later!


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