ze whirlwind.

Whew! Today was nutty, in a wonderful way. It started when I woke up, oh you know, an hour and a half late! I must have forgotten to turn on my alarm…but boy did that extra sleep feel nice. I made it to work in under an hour, and was greeted with a full inbox and a million and two projects that needed immediate attention. I buckled down while eating my breakfast and got my work done in a ridiculous three hours. That might be a new records for me.

While I furiously typed, I slurped down some coffee (treated myself to SBucks today, usually grab some free from the caf upstairs) and my first bowl o’ overnight oats. Oh. Em. Gee. You bloggies were NOT kidding – these were delicious!! And filling. This was half a cup of plain fat free yogurt, half a cup of oats, a splash of water, some frozen berries. I put some natural PB on that bad boy this morning.

looks gnarly, tastes awesome.

Before I knew it, it was 2:30 pm and time for some lurnch. A while ago, I made a huge batch of lentils and froze them in individual portions. I took my last portion out of the freezer yesterday so they were able to thaw overnight, and popped them in the microwave. Along with two wasa crackers and a Laughing Cow Heaven wedge, it was a pretty great lunch.

snacky and part II of lunch.

An orange and some green tea later (and more work! but it’s good to be busy) I hit the gym for a good sweat sesh. Warmed up on the treadmill, bopped around to some My Dear Disco – All I Do is the best running song in the history of the land – and ran 3.5 miles in 36:07. It was…really tough. Tougher than normal. At first, I was disappointed in my time, because I always strive to run 9:30 miles, but then I said, you know what! I ran 3.5 miles! And even with walking breaks, I was still close to  ten minute miles. It feels so good to be running again! It’s hard for me, but I do like it. Plus, I love my sweat ring because it makes me feel so badass. Does anyone else love when they have proof that they rocked their workouts?

I came home and cooked up a storm, I was hangry and had to wait soo long to eat. Dinner was half of a sweet potato, some roasted cauliflower, a veggie sausage and a pretzel roll from Whole Foods that I randomly bought… with a huge dollop of mustard because besides my numero uno favorito, Franks, mustard is my favorite condiment.

notice that i dug into my pretzel roll before dinner. oops.

I’m now watching SVU, otherwise known as the best show ever in all of the world, sipping tea and veggin’ before I snuggle in bed with my book. But first I have to clean my room. I CANNOT go to bed with a messy room, because I am a nutbar. Have a good night!


2 responses to “ze whirlwind.

  1. AH waking up 1.5 hours is SO BAD! Glad it didn’t ruin your day, though.

  2. my boss was surpriiiiisingly cool about it. woohoo!

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