Does anything feel as good as a shower after a good workout (otherwise known as my first workout in a week)? I did 5 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, and then a full body weight training session. I recently upped my weights and am doing less reps. My body seems to be responding, especially my arms. My butt is going to be a-sore tomorrow. For some reason though, whenever I just strength train and don’t sweat sweat, I feel like my workout is kind of a joke. Anyone else feel this way?

My day was uneventful, which was actually lovely. I had a mediocre salad with mixed greens, herbs, a carrot, a boca burger, a few crushed almonds and a babybel cheese all chopped up in that nasty spray dressing stuff. Anyone have any suggestions on how to transport good salad dressing to work? I’m nervous of oil spills like woah. I then tried to eat a pear for “dessert” and realized I have a developed a phobia of pear skin, shiver.

Snacked on an orange and some green tea before moseying on over to the gym.  I will be good about taking pictures, soon, I promise. Picture a navel orange. And a mug.

I just got home and am having a “first dinner” of half a cup of 4% cottage cheese with microwaved mixed berries and cinnamon. I’m going to a trendy sushi place tonight that offers half off after 10:30 pm (it’s SO good) and needed a little snacky to tide me over until the main event.

Have a good night!


One response to “victory!

  1. Ooh, hope you had fun at the sushi restaurant!

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