the weekend that was not.

This weekend was a doozy! And not in a good way. On Saturday, I had a six hour training session with a tutoring center – I had to learn about lattice multiplication and long division again, and it was surprisingly fun. The thing that made up for it was snow! DC got blanketed, and my roommates and friends and I celebrated with red wine and a delicious brown rice, egg, seitan and veggie stir fry. We then watched The Last King of Scotland, and after I was sufficiently in a downer mood, I went to beddie bye.

…Only to wake up to GO TO WORK. On a Sunday. I wasn’t terribly happy about it, but it was so nice to be in an empty office in jeans. At least I got to spend the morning with my roommates, and boy roommate #1 made cinnamon buns and we sipped green tea and watched Teen Mom. Yes, we lead awesome lives.

Tonight, we’re watching the Grammys and cooking some dinner, and I’m really just super excited to go to bed so when I wake up it’s FEBRUARY! I got big plans for the shortest month o’ the year. The plan will be unveiled tomorrow morning!

I always try to say rabbit rabbit at the beginning of each month to bring myself good luck. Does anyone else have any rituals to welcome in the new month?


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